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Vintage Rugs

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Tried-and-true classics: choose vintage area rugs from our collection

Vintage area rugs can be fantastic for giving your room a special feel. They add character and mood, and enrich the design with an exquisite atmosphere of past decades. It is no wonder that even the newest trends in home decor include some old-fashioned trends in decorating.

Technically, a vintage carpet is one made up to 50 years ago. There is a lot to know when hunting for the right vintage-style area rugs – but don’t get overwhelmed! Once you know which features quality vintage-looking rugs have in common, it will simplify your search.

Tips for choosing vintage area rugs

The vintage items in our store vary in design, color, rarity, style, and condition. Each of these parameters is crucial for choosing a perfect decoration for your room. However, there are certain things to hunt for with precision:

  1. Search for handmade rugs
  2. Examine the edges carefully
  3. Choose natural materials
  4. Avoid rugs with patches
  5. Buy the items with even wear and tear

    What influences prices

    The factors mentioned above influence the prices and determine which vintage area rugs offer more value. In our shop, we sell the best carpets from a variety of materials, including synthetic and natural fabrics. Secured edges, natural colors and maximized wear are the features that define our rugs.

    How to preserve your vintage rug

    We recommend taking care of your rug wisely: remember that your vintage area rug will someday turn into an antique one! This will double the cost of your item and will help you gain more out of your investment. What are the general rules for cleaning vintage items?

    How to clean your vintage rug properly

    1. Don’t use a vacuum cleaner
    2. Use professional hand washing
    3. Use a soft carpet sweeper
    4. Don’t expose to direct sunlight
    5. Don’t place plant pots on the rug

      Your home decor is our concern

      We sell quality rugs for high traffic areas in your apartment, such as the living room or kitchen. Why not add a vintage look to the spaces that you live in every day? Choose stylish, comfortable rugs from our vintage collection to make your home a special place for happy family reunions and cold winter nights.



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