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Modern Rugs

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Modern area rugs to match any taste

Modern area rugs are indispensable for any apartment that needs a fresh unique look. Contemporary rugs can redefine the style of a room, accentuating the furniture, the color of the walls, or any other crucial design element. Buy a modern carpet, and you will transform a dull living room into a chic comfortable space.

Types of modern area rugs

Here at Movaloom, we offer a variety of modern rugs for different rooms. Contemporary rugs vary from rectangular to oval shapes. Choose the right modern area rugs from our collection to fit the proportions of your living room or kitchen. Movaloom offers contemporary area rugs from natural fibers at a low cost:

  • Silk
  • Wool
  • Cotton
  • Leather

Colors of modern area rugs

All Modern area rugs come in a diverse palette of colors that can help other design elements stand out or blend in. If you do not yet have furniture, consider matching the colors of your rug with the shades of your walls or ceiling. Modern rugs can be neutral, single-color or a splash of different tones and shades.

Patterns of modern area rugs

The contemporary area rugs in our store add modern aesthetic design and stylistic balance. You only have to choose a pattern that suits you best: stripes, chevron or abstract designs – complement the furniture that you own. When searching for a contemporary rug, make sure you know what is right for you.

Sizes of modern area rugs

Modern area rugs vary in size, but the most common one you will find for sale in our shop is about 5 x 8 feet. We sell different sizes and designs to help you avoid different mistakes in decorating. They typically happen when you choose a rug that is too small, which makes the furniture look oversized.

Quality modern area rugs

We offer pet-friendly durable rugs at the most attractive prices! It will be a delight to return to a stylish comfortable room decorated with a simplistic or an eye-catching design. Any outdoor activity will be a pleasure if you know for sure that a warm cozy carpet is awaiting you indoors.



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