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Six Reasons to Choose Pure New Zealand Wool Rugs for Your Home

We all want our homes to look great, but sometimes, aesthetics don’t always equal functionality. Take rugs for instance, sure, there are certain synthetic rugs out there that may look presentable, but as they are synthetic they often wear down easily, plus they don’t feel comfortable underfoot. Whether you’re looking for rugs for your sitting room, your bedroom, a dining room, or anywhere else for that matter, the thing to remember is that you need to choose a rug that not only looks great, but that is also comfortable and practical as well. This is where New Zealand wool proves so beneficial. Pure New Zealand wool rugs look amazing, they feel even better, and they are built to last a lifetime with care and maintenance. If you wish to enhance the appearance and comfort of your home, here’s a look at a few reasons why you should choose New Zealand wool rugs.


It is incredibly comfortable – When we’re at home trying to relax, we don’t want to have to stand, or sit, on cold, hard, itchy surfaces. If you’re looking for a rug with comfort in mind, New Zealand wool is the material for you. No matter where you go, no feeling will match the softness and comfort of a soft yet firm New Zealand wool rug underneath your bare feet. The wool is comforting and is unbelievably soft, so soft in fact, that you’ll never be able to purchase any materials other than New Zealand wool, for any future purchases. Not only are they soft and cushioned, they’re also perfect temperature regulators. During the summer when the sun grows hot, they help to lock in coolness, whereas in the winter, they add insulation and help keep your feet nice and warm.


Wool is authentic – For those of you who care about authenticity, New Zealand wool is about as authentic as you can get. Wool has been used underfoot for literally centuries upon centuries, perhaps longer still. It is thought that Persian nomads would use sheep’s wool as a floor covering, as far back as 5000 BC! Compare this with cheap and nasty synthetic fibres, many of which are only a few decades old, and it’s easy to see why those looking to add a little culture and authenticity to their homes, choose New Zealand wool rugs.


New Zealand wool is sustainable – Another great reason why you should consider investing in a New Zealand wool rug for your home, is the fact that the wool is sustainable. The sheep in New Zealand graze freely on lush green pastures, with barely a care in the world. Once they are sheared by the farmers, their coats gradually grow back, and the process is repeated all over again, several months down the line. Wool is also bio-degradable, so it does break down overtime. All of these elements combined help to ensure that rugs made from New Zealand wool, are sustainable and are very eco-friendly. This is perfect because it means your home looks great, with the added bonus of helping the environment.


New Zealand wool is very vibrant – All rugs made from New Zealand wool will instantly be recognisable due to their stunning vibrant colours. New Zealand wool is officially the whitest and purest wool in the world, helping to provide a clear clarity in colour. Due to the natural whiteness of the wool, manufacturers are able to create deeper, more vibrant shades of colour and patterns for their rugs. New Zealand wool is free from dark fibres which are commonly found in inferior forms of wool. This in turn helps to ensure that each rug is bright and vibrant in colour, helping them to instantly stand out in your home.


Easy to maintain and safe – Some rugs out there are a nightmare to clean and care for, but thankfully, New Zealand wool rugs aren’t one of these rugs. You see, due to the natural fibres of the wool, dust, debris, and dirt, simply lay inside the pile of the rug, rather than being ground into the base. Because the debris just sits there, it can simply be vacuumed away with simple ease. Because it traps dust and other allergens, you can’t disturb them when you walk on the rug, so you don’t breathe them in like you would with synthetic rugs. For people suffering with allergies, this is perfect because you can simply vacuum away these allergens, rather than breathe them in.


New Zealand wool is hardwearing – Another reason to consider investing in a New Zealand wool rug for your home is due to the fact that the wool is so hardwearing and durable. The wool is very resilient because it has evolution on its side. The wool was primarily there to protect sheep from the harsh environment, so naturally it had to be tough, especially to get them through harsh winters. The wool is ideal because it bounces back and maintains its shape for longer, rather than being worn down quickly like other materials. As mentioned previously, if you take care of your rug and maintain it and treat it with care and respect, it will last a lifetime. Not only will it not wear down, no matter how much traffic it sees, it will continue to look its best for many decades to come.



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