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How to choose an area rug - selection advice

The design of any house, office or institution can tell you a lot about its owners: it sets the mood and every detail is important. Choosing a perfect rug  is essential for creating coziness and comfort. If you are not sure which rug to buy, have a look at our rug selection guide, which will help you pick the perfect rug to match your design.

How do you pick an area rug that will bring you joy and warmth? First of all, pick the size of the rug you need. Second, select the style that will blend in to your interior: modern, vintage, oriental, etc. Color and material also matter. We have a wide variety of rugs of all styles that will fit into any room and give it some personality.

Area Rug

Choosing rug size - best tips to do pick a size with ease

The room you need a rug for can be of any size and shape. It’s essential to pick a rug that will fit the space correctly. Choosing rug size isn’t hard if you know exactly what you want. If your floor is cold, or just doesn’t look great, you should focus your attention attention on large rugs, while if your floor is quite comfortable, you can pick a medium-sized area rug.

There aren’t really any very strict rug placement rules , but there is some basic advice to follow for rugs to fit in well. For instance, if you are not sure how to measure for an area rug, remember that rugs are usually placed beneath the furniture in the room, or in contact with it. This doesn’t mean that the rug must fully cover the area beneath a bed, but it should be connected with the bed to create a sense of finality. This is probably the main principle for how to choose the right rug size for a room. Of course, there is always room for improvisation, so the main criteria is your comfort and sense of beauty.

How to choose a living room rug

Choosing an area rug for a living room can be challenging as there are so many lovely variants. A good rug can visually expand the space of a living room; it can match the room’s colors or be brighter to attract attention. Today you can find the rug of your dreams with just a few clicks. The tips for choosing a rug are as usually quite simple: the rug shouldn’t be too small, its texture should be soft and comfortable and the pattern must fit the living room’s style.

If your living room is large and divided into two or more zones, place two or more different area rugs on the floor might be an interesting solution to consider. Thus you will highlight the zone division and make the room look a bit larger. Don’t overdo it though, otherwise the room will look a bit weird.

Rug tips

Rug tips - how to find your dream rug

The design of a rug can vary significantly. The three main criteria you should focus on are the material, color and pattern. We have prepared some tips for you to make your decision easily and enjoy the rug you’ve chosen.

How to choose a rug material

Let’s discover the main rug materials and how to choose one. Number one for warmth and softness is wool. Moreover, it is a long lasting natural material that can repel water. Wool rugs are suitable for living rooms or bedrooms, but you should regularly clean them for the rug to look good.

A cotton rug is a good alternative to wool ones but its useful life is a bit shorter. They are extremely easy to clean and wash, and the price is reasonable. Cotton will be a good solution for kids’ bedrooms or kitchens.

Natural fibers (juite, sisal etc.) look great but they are a little rough. Still, the material is long-lasting and good for a living room.

Synthetic rugs can be of any style and color. They are very affordable and flexible - you can place such a rug practically anywhere. Cleaning a synthetic rug is also easy, but some people claim they prefer natural materials as they are more pleasant to the touch.

Silk rugs are luxurious and stunning but their price is higher as well. They are extremely soft but not resistant to water or stains, so you should place them somewhere where you won’t constantly be walking. Silk is often combined with other materials in a rug to make it more durable.

How to pick a rug color

Choosing the color for an area rug is important because it will affect the whole impression that your rug will make upon you and your family members. The color must match with the room and complement it. If your room is overflowing with colors, pick a bright rug the color of which will somehow mirror the rest of the room. For interiors with more restrained colors, it’s best to go with a plain rug in a dark or warm shade. White or light-colored rugs look great, but you should remember that every small spot or speck of dirt will be immediately visible on them, so if you have a pet or kids, you should avoid buying a white rug.

Rug pattern

How to pick a rug pattern

Decide whether a patterned rug will fit into your room. Designers usually advise picking patterns when your room and furniture are neutral, and calm solid colors when they’re not. A pattern helps hide spots and spills, which can prolong the life of a rug.

The patterns can be varied and your room design should tell you how to choose an area rug pattern in your particular case.. For example, Oriental rugs look stylish and luxurious in formal or classic interiors. Vintage patterns look noble, and modern rugs with stripes and other geometric shapes will revive a boring room design.

Picking an area rug is a fun task but it requires some preparation. Most designers recommend making a rug a central interior element to help set the whole mood of a room. Think about the emotions you want to feel in the room you would like to buy a rug for, pick the material that will suit you the best and choose your ideal rug color and pattern. We’ll be glad to offer you your dream rug in any size, style and price to make your house a bit more warm and cozy.



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