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How to choose a rug for your living room: find the perfect match

For those who need a little help with decoration and design, figuring out how to choose a rug for a living room can turn into a nightmare. As your living room is incorporated into the daily life of your family, there is much to consider. It can be hard to briefly summarize the qualities that are necessary for a perfect family room carpet, like the texture, color, style, and shape.

To make things worse, the furniture in your living room may require a certain style and dictate the best type of carpet for your family room. With wall-to-wall carpeting fading away into the past, the modern floor needs a balanced solution that will easily blend in. First, let’s start with the right way to position your living room rug for improved aesthetics.

What’s in the room?

Before you start searching for a living room rug, think about how you usually use the space. If you spend time sitting on the floor, you can go for a long-pile rug that will definitely warm up the space and add comfort. On the other hand, if foot traffic is extremely high, a shag rug may not be such a practical solution for your room.

It takes a great deal of preparation to determine what kind of rug would be the best choice. Consider the size of the room, doorways, furniture, and other crucial points that define your living room. Exposure to the sun is also one of the factors to keep in mind while investing in an ideal living room rug. The right choice of rug can help change the whole aesthetic of the room.

How to place a rug in a living room: practical tips

  1. Measure until you have no doubt

Defining the proper dimensions of a rug requires a lot of measurement and patience. A rule of thumb is to choose a rug that is longer than your sofa. Another rule says that all the furnishings should place their front two legs on the rug. If a rug doesn’t touch any furniture, it may seem to have the so-called “floating” effect, and will seem out of place.

Living room rug

  1. Use several layers

Suitable for large living spaces, a combination of different rugs will help you highlight separate seating areas. It is possible to layer different rugs on top of one another, thus creating extra warmth in winter and catering to each family member. Your center rug will get extra interest and blend into the furniture more if you choose your colors and styles wisely.

Popular carpet colors for living rooms: how to choose the right one

A variety of living room carpet colors can help perfectly match the rest of your decorative elements. With the right tones, your furniture groupings will match the colors of the walls and the ceiling. On the other hand, you can create a distraction from colorful furniture and eclectic choices with the right rug color.

how to choose living room rug

For instance, beige, white, and other calm, monochromatic colors can soothe a room that has different patterns and styles in furnishing. A patterned rug with bright colors, like yellow, green, or red will create a cozy ambiance for a living room with plain furniture and neutral colors on the walls.

Colorful living room rugs should have common colors with the rest of the furniture and highlight the space. When this is the case, your rug will unite the visual elements of your room and appeal to the eye. A colorful patterned rug can also hide stains, which is important if your spaces accumulate dirt faster than you are able to get rid of them.

living room carpet

What size area rug should you choose for your living room?

Using rugs that are smaller than is required will make your place look smaller, too. You can visually expand the size of your living room if you follow a simple rule: the bare floor around the perimeter of the rug should be approximately 4” to 8”. How do you choose a rug size for a small room?

Imagine the area that your new rug will cover. Keep in mind that large rugs will dominate the room and bring the focus of attention to the floor. When the standard sizes of living room area rugs do not fit your particular room, getting a custom carpeting solution could be a great idea.

red living room rug

How to buy an area rug for your living room

At movaloom, we offer a vast collection of area rugs that are ready to transform your living room. Modern, oriental, vintage, or shag rugs will cater to any living room, and give your gatherings and family reunions extra comfort. Shop our affordable living room rugs to update your interior and find a new addition to your home décor.



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