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  If you have been puzzled on how best you can add a hint of warmth and design to your room; then an area rug is a resounding choice to make. Area rugs offer a form of rescue to those who are yet to get Area Rug Living-Room-Moderna lasting option, which adds an accent to their rooms.

  Opting for either tile floors or wood flooring is a great idea. But, sometimes they don’t give off that appeal we desire. You will agree that when you step into any living area with the placement of rug in any of its part, you will be immediately attracted to that spot. Area rugs form the depth of a room and work to bind all the furniture and other accessories in a room into ONE EXQUISITE UNIT.

  Many persons have a common belief that rugs are expensive, and offer a choice when you are living a luxurious lifestyle. Well, there are truths in that. But, in recent times, the use of rugs have become more widespread due to their affordability. While the more exotic rugs remain expensive, there are lots and lots of rugs for an average American, which are affordable and offer more than their worth. So, this is not the time to say that rugs are too expensive for you to afford one. Any interior designer out there will entirely agree that rugs accentuate the decors in a home. And, what more? They come with a lot of advantages over your everyday wall-to-wall carpeting and wood floorings.

  When you consider the advantages of rugs, it makes buying one worth it. In this post will give a few pointers to some reasons that will make you place an order for a rug immediately!



  1. Area Rugs Are Magical!

It is almost unarguably correct to say that whichever rug you place in your room, will add a stunning aura to it instantly. But then, choices always matter. Adding a rug to any room in your home will go a long way in making it more pleasant to the eyes – giving it a classier touch. Vintage rugs in a palatial home-setting will leave a bold statement on the appearance of the rooms. Generally, rugs enhance the impact of every other feature in a room, from the wall colors, appliances, flooring to furniture designs.

They are the perfect complement to everything in your room. Simple placement of an area rug in a section of your home can make your home look like a million bucks!


  1. The Compatibility of Area Rugs Is Limitless

Area rugs work well in any apartment or mansion. This is made possible by their availability in various sizes, colors, and designs. That aside, they fit just right in any room; whether it is your great room, bedroom, dining room, game room, living room or even your kitchen! Especially if your kitchen subtly transitions into a dining or living room. Also, Running rugs make an excellent choice for kitchens.

Virtually, you can place an area rug can anywhere, and nobody will dare fault its presence. To get a clearer picture, use a painters tape to map out the desired area and imagine an area rug within the mapped space.


  1. Clean It All In A Bit!

Cleaning an area rug is less of a task when compared to wall-to-wall carpets or bare floors. It gets even better; they leave less room for stains to stick forever. If your kids can’t get it together and stay put in one place, then they are bound to leave a lot of mess on the floor. With area rugs, you might as well give them more things to shred! While wall-to-wall carpets might require a dustpan, a broom and maybe a mop to get things all cleared; an area rug needs just a vacuum cleaner, and a light blotting (in the case of spills) to get things all clean.


  1. Portability and Durability

Do you move often? Do you easily develop sentimental attachments to particular home designs? And then, the cost of always choosing a new accessory for your floors! Well, an area rug got you all covered. Their portability and durability are second to none. Unroll, roll, unroll and roll up again – area rugs give you the opportunity to do this as much as you want! So, it does not matter how many times you may have to move; your rug is always ready to move with you. As well, their effectiveness, features, and durability are not immediately affected by incessant rolling and unrolling.

Don’t say goodbye to a floor you love so much, pack it up and go make a new home with it!


  1. Hush the Noise A Bit

Area rugs are cushy and all, providing a soft landing for your feet, and as well make your steps almost soundless. This would be a significant feature, especially if you got a lot of kids running around. It might be a common thing to get headaches now and then from the sound of their stomps; you wish they can stop. Wouldn't it be nice if they are tap dancing? But, they are not! Area rugs in heavy foot traffic areas or rooms, where they play in too often, will to a great extent to soundproof their steps. Plus, it makes you more of a reasonable, more considerate upstairs neighbor if your home is in an apartment building.

In most apartment buildings, the managers may require that you use a carpet or rug to limit noise complaints from downstairs neighbors.


  1. Turn Your Room into an Artwork

Have you taken a cursory look at our collection of area rugs? You will have to agree that they are so alluring, you may even want to hang it on your walls. Actually, some stylists do hang area rugs on walls during photo shoots. Area rugs allow you to be creative with the decoration of your room, throwing in and meshing colors with ease.


Area rugs bear designs that cut across the cultures and orientations of people across continents. In that line, it makes a lot of options available for you to bring in exotic cultures to your home.


  1. When It Comes To Flooring; Area Rugs Provide a Safer Option

The safety provided by area rugs cuts across a lot of sections. To a large extent, rugs are widely known to attract, trap and retain dust and other particles, which are major causes of allergies. Hence, it goes without mincing words that you will need to vacuum your rug regularly. In an odd twist, this becomes a unique safety measure. Area rugs help in trapping a certain percentage of these dust particles which would have found a haven in different parts of the room. Making their elimination easier with the use of modern-day vacuum cleaners. The result is that of enhanced air quality.


On the other hand, it reduces the risk of injury for the elderly and children. Rugs provide a non-slip surface in high-traffic areas and as well cushion falls if any should occur. This makes them a safe alternative for hardwood and other types of floors or thin floor covers. As well, they offer a firm footing for individuals while moving around.


  1. They Are Very Cozy and Comfy

It is undeniable that rugs provide a soft warmth that makes you feel relaxed if you should decide to lay on the floor for a while. When compared regarding comfort; Area rugs set a massive deviation from hardwood floors, tiles, and other hard surface floors. They mark a focal area for cool family evenings by the fireside – even your pets will agree to this.

Do you love walking around your apartment on bare feet? Running rugs and area rugs will make it all the more fun – you may like the feel on the feet to that of a light massage.


  1. Most Area Rugs Are Environmentally Friendly

Here is a chance to be a hero for the environment! Even it is in the minutest way. Most rugs produced in recent times, in U.S.A and around the world, are made using recyclable materials. Wool rugs, for instance, can be recycled and biodegraded into their natural state. That, and coupled with the fact that chemicals are barely used in their production, also makes them safe for humans as well.


  1. Bring Your Room Together

As stated earlier rugs bring the components of a room together. They create a focal point that joins everything in the room. Even if they are far apart, it creates an effect that brings them close and creates continuity in the flow – from one object to another.


There are just too many reasons why you should consider getting a rug – or get one, already. Whenever your mind is made up; Movaloom will happily take you through a variety of options!




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